The Battleroar

(Music:Olsson / Lyrics:Järrebring)


A thousand shining spears

Beatings of the wardrums

Our horde is gathered

Ready for the battle

On the other side

Not far away

The battletroops

Of our enemies


It is freezing cold

The dawn is near

The magic red sun

Is beginning to rise

It is time for the battle

It is time for the war


We bend our bows

Let´s hear the battleroar

The first sign goes

The arrows are on their way

Raising our shields

It´s raining arrows

Over our heads

The battle is on


I love the war

We raise our swords

Listen to the great sound

The battleroar


I have my faith

I have my sword

Meeting in the middle

The clash of our hordes


Screams of pain across the field

Man to man, steel to steel

Bleeding warriors all over the field

Warm blood covering the snow

The war is here, I love the roar