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Title: Stronger Than Steel.

Format: CD.

Label: Blackend.

Catalogue #: Black010CD.

Recorded: January 12 - February 5, 1998.

Producer: Anders "Andy LaRocque" Allhage & Prophanity.

Engineerer: Anders "Andy LaRocque" Allhage & Kjell Börve.

Released: May 25, 1998.

Line-Up: Mathias "Farbaute" Järrebring - vocals, Nicklas Magnusson - lead/solo/acoustic guitars, Christer "Grendel" Olsson - lead guitars, Robert Lindmark - bass & Anders "Wouthan" Malmström - drums.

Tracks: Armed To The Teeth (Music:Magnusson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / Walking Through Fire (Music:Olsson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / Beast Of The North (Music:Olsson, Malmström, Magnusson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / Fate Of The Gods (Music:Magnusson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / The Battleroar (Music:Olsson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / ...To Hangatyr (Music:Magnusson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / Towards The Sinister Realms (Music:Olsson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / Awaiting Your Valkyries Arrival (Music:Olsson/Lyrics:Järrebring) / Swedish Steel (The Metalist)* (Music:Malmström/Lyrics:Malmström) *Bonustrack.

Comments: Will also be released by Metal Blade in North America March 31, 1999.