Armed To The Teeth

(Music: Magnusson / Lyrics: Järrebring)


Darkness is fading

The mystic dawn is near

Our horde is ready

The final war is here


Armed to the teeth

Battleaxes and swords

Crossbows and spears

Armed to the teeth


Nothing has changed for a thousand years

But now the final moment is hear

Within the deepest holes of the abyss

New swords are made for our warrior host


Morning has broken

Blood will be spilled

Fire and destruction

It will be the end


We lighten our tourches

And turn towards heaven

We pray for a sign

A sign for war






Walking Through Fire

(Music Olsson / Lyrics: Järrebring)


All dressed up for battle we are

Holding our swords up high

On my shield the sign of Thor

For power and protection in war

I raise my skull to the skies

A sign on the horizon is given

My roots are near

The power fills my heart and soul


I have walked through fire

I have walked through ice

To reach this place

Where proud pagan men

Have stood long before me

It´s a wonderful view

I´m summoning you

One eyed old man

With wisdom and strength

With powers of life and death

I´m summoning you

Proud god of all






Beast Of The North

(Music: Olsson, Magnusson, Malmström / Lyrics: Järrebring)


The beast of the North

Roars of thunder

The beast of the North

Back from the depths


He is here to conquer

He is here to reign

He is here to slay

He is here to stay


The beast of the North

Is coming to take you

The beast of the north

Is coming to rape you


A more brave warrior

Has never been seen

Led by anger and hate

He fights without fear

Until the last man

Falls to the ground






Fate Of The Gods

(Music: Magnusson / Lyrics: Järrebring)


Jormundgand lashes the ocean

The sun is darkened

Total devastation

The fires roar

And the stars falls from heaven

Yggdrasil tremble

And there is chaos


The master of the underworld

Together with the chaos forces


Attacks the gods world

Riding over Bifrost

The bridge to Asgard

Heimdall blows the Gjallarhorn

The final battle

Is all over us

The forces meets to fight


The sun has died

So has the stars

The heaven bursts

The earth is engulfed


The fate of the gods






The Battleroar

(Music: Olsson / Lyrics: Järrebring)


A thousand shining spears

Beatings of the wardrums

Our horde is gathered

Ready for the battle

On the other side

Not far away

The battletroops

Of our enemies


It is freezing cold

The dawn is near

The magic red sun

Is beginning to rise

It is time for the battle

It is time for the war


We bend our bows

Let´s hear the battleroar

The first sign goes

The arrows are on their way

Raising our shields

It´s raining arrows

Over our heads

The battle is on


I love the war

We raise our swords

Listen to the great sound

The battleroar


I have my faith

I have my sword

Meeting in the middle

The clash of our hordes


Screams of pain across the field

Man to man, steel to steel

Bleeding warriors all over the field

Warm blood covering the snow

The war is here, I love the roar






...To Hangatyr

(Music: Magnusson / Lyrics: Järrbring)


Hung in a tree far above

Bleeding for a heathen spear

Sacrificed to Hangatyr

The wolfs howl, the ravens flee

Screams of anguish

Writhe in despair and fear

Their hopes of an arrival

To the land beyond the ocean


A life on the knees

You´re better off dead

Your life is fading

Take your last breath

Call upon the gods

Summon the king of the hanged

A last wish to enter the mighty halls

Of all the fallen heroes






Towards The Sinister Realms

(Music: Olsson / Lyrics: Järrebring)


Riding across the darkened sky

With my ravens flying above

Seeing things not known to mankind

I´m on my way to the reich of death


On my left I see a world

Here rules the fire and the light

On my right is another world

Here rules the darkness and the ice


In the nine worlds of sorrow

In the nine worlds of death

Rules the mighty mistress of Hel

Queen of melancholy






Awaiting Your Valkyries Arrival

(Music: Olsson / Lyrics: Järrebring)


I´m finally here

At the edge of my life

Sacrificing myself to you

My body is frostbitten and wounded

Bleeding for the christian sword

I lay down my sword

And raise my knife

Summoning you


Take me to the place

Where death is just over night

Where christians never shall rule

My earthlife is over


But I´ll live on

In thy mighty halls

A warmth is filling me

From inside


A fire in my heart

Bloodsmell fills the air

Warm blood on my hands

A fall on my knees

Never to rise again

In this feeble earthlife

I´m waiting for

Your valkyries arrival






Swedish Steel (The Metalist)

(Music: Malmström / Lyrics: Malmström)



Chaos ruled once in time

No life could be found in this world

Set unnamed

No light, no darkness exist

Only a chronology hid and left in time

From this nothingness stars shined

Shined from a heaven on an obscured world

Sunrise and dusk brought forth life

From a crack in the ground

The first man arose, immortal


Time went by and the races grew strong

So strong that even the weak fell to oblivion

Might, intelligence, knowledge and ease

In ancient tales these words shaped his name

Mike is the name the races forgot

And with his wrath he´ll show immense power

So one day he went to where he was born

To prepare this worlds people for their day of doom


Fight with your honour, fight with the swedish steel

They who will crush you, crush them with swedish steel

The heart of your glory shines from the swedish steel

The victory has a banner which spells swedish steel


With five men in follow in leather they all dress

His conquest went to all corners of this earth

No one should elude their music of doom

A music for peoples true hymns disbelief

Mike the Metalist, his accompany him called

And with these he has cleaned the oblivious minds

Their music they all play on top level tenis the music

That once brought Mike his own life


In the castle of stone they all sit

In a circle around a sparkling fire

With beer streaming in their throats

With music of Metal

Their conquest of doom they remember

The tales are some told in mourn, some in delight

When the stories flow from mouth to mouth

At the end of all tales the Metalist stood up

To fill this castle with his wisdom


Repeat chorus


"Some of the races stood up for the storm

Proud of the sound when the metal horde tolled

Sad is the fact that most of the battle is an ocean of

Unfaithful desciples,

All men ain´t made for Metal

But all Metal is made for men"