Swedish Steel (The Metalist)

(Music:Malmström / Lyrics:Malmström)



Chaos ruled once in time

No life could be found in this world

Set unnamed

No light, no darkness exist

Only a chronology hid and left in time

From this nothingness stars shined

Shined from a heaven on an obscured world

Sunrise and dusk brought forth life

From a crack in the ground

The first man arose, immortal


Time went by and the races grew strong

So strong that even the weak fell to oblivion

Might, intelligence, knowledge and ease

In ancient tales these words shaped his name

Mike is the name the races forgot

And with his wrath he´ll show immense power

So one day he went to where he was born

To prepare this worlds people for their day of doom


Fight with your honour, fight with the swedish steel

They who will crush you, crush them with swedish steel

The heart of your glory shines from the swedish steel

The victory has a banner which spells swedish steel


With five men in follow in leather they all dress

His conquest went to all corners of this earth

No one should elude their music of doom

A music for peoples true hymns disbelief

Mike the Metalist, his accompany him called

And with these he has cleaned the oblivious minds

Their music they all play on top level tenis the music

That once brought Mike his own life


In the castle of stone they all sit

In a circle around a sparkling fire

With beer streaming in their throats

With music of Metal

Their conquest of doom they remember

The tales are some told in mourn, some in delight

When the stories flow from mouth to mouth

At the end of all tales the Metalist stood up

To fill this castle with his wisdom


Repeat chorus


"Some of the races stood up for the storm

Proud of the sound when the metal horde tolled

Sad is the fact that most of the battle is an ocean of

Unfaithful desciples,

All men ain´t made for Metal

But all Metal is made for men"