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May 30, 2001:
BANG! Finally something new in the Prophanity-camp. This site hasn´t been updated with any news for a whole year. Why? In a few words: The band ceased to exist!
Some plans for new beginning was discussed but never finished. Until now...


...and this time it ain´t some bullshit!

Nicklas Magnusson has decided to re-join the band and together with Anders "Wouthan" Malmström & Christer "Grendel" Olsson the union is back stronger than ever. The place as a new vocalist/basist is taken by Patrick "Patsy" Johansson who also can be found in Nicklas other band THE RAPTURE. He was earlier also a member of SATAN´S LITTLE HELPER. As a powerful four-piece PROPHANITY is working on new material. So far the work has gone smooth and fast. 7 new songs are finished and they are faster, heavier and more aggressive than before.
Expect HELL!!!


From now on this section will be updated more often. Keep your eyes open!

One more thing you should keep your eyes open for is the album "Temple Of Retribution" by IMMEMOREAL. It´s out NOW on Blackend! For those who doesn´t know IMMEMOREAL is featuring Anders "Wouthan" Malmström" & Christer "Grendel" Olsson from PROPHANITY.